It has been a couple of days since I last posted anything as I have been tweeking away to try and get a super, working blog together, but in seeking aesthetic perfection I appear to have neglected the posts and my pup. So today I set out to tend to both. 

Despite some rather unpleasant autumn weather I prepared for a morning outside. Thermals, scarf and waterproof on, and puppy harnessed up, we went on our way. We had just been invited to do a group walk on the beautiful National Trust Ashridge Estate by our trainer, Regan Skinner. At only 6 and a bit months, my little man was by far the youngest one but he didn't let his age or size deter him and got right into playing with the biggest dogs there. I swear in his mind he is the size of a Great Dane. This was the first time I let him loose out in the open (any other Shiba owners will know the perils of recall with this breed) and I was a little anxious so we kept the lead on but allowed him to walk freely. 

I needn't have worried as Dana, the Trainers Carpathian Shepherd kept him in check and reined him back in by his lead when he started to wonder too far ahead...how did he teach her to do that?!

Above is the man himself, Regan Skinner, Dog Trainer extraordinaire. I cannot recommend him highly enough and should anyone be on the lookout for classes then check out his site here.

In all we spent just over an hour walking though the open, expansive fields and parkland on the estate. Even in the cold and pouring rain there is no denying the beauty of the place. What I found amazing is that we didn't even come close to covering half the grounds. Lets hope that when we go back next week we can explore a little further.

The best thing about having a dog, aside from having such a little cutie to cuddle, is reconnecting with the great outdoors and getting moving. Lets face it, when the summer is over most of us find little reason to get out and about, unless we have a pet. When I was first diagnosed with M.E. I had such great trouble walking but with my best friend at my heels I have been building up my strength and using my limbs again. By lunchtime today my pedometer told me I had walked nearly 7000 steps, my lungs had been filled with the freshest of air and I feel totally deserving of my glass of wine tonight.

I know I will sleep soundly later, and as for my pup, well he didn't last long once we got back in. Snuggled up on my bed, hidden with a pillow over his head, he was more than a little perturbed that I wanted one final picture...maybe, just maybe, he will stay too tired for any cheeky shenanigans tonight...


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